Library Services
1. Reference and Information Service
         The service is provided to answer questions or to assist users in locating information. Needed information may be found in books or journals or may be in non-printed form such as CD-ROM, E-Journals or on-line databases. Users can search from information sources in the Library and also can link to other outside sources through the Internet.
2. On-line Search Service
         Access to external information sources is available through Internet network.

3. Circulation Service
         CRI staff and students with Library cards are allowed to borrow Library materials. Persons with special permission can have same services.
         CRI Staff and students would be granted Library membership. One photograph, size 1”, black – and – white / colour is needed for application.
  Materials for use in the Library
  - CRI publications (only one copy available in the Library)
  - Non – printed materials
  Extension of loan period́
        Loan period for the Library materials may be extended on request. Users may renew materials by bringing them to the Library or contact Library staff on Telphone: 0-2553-8555 ext.8119, 8128
  Fines for overdue publications
        Any student failing to renew or return borrowed material by the due date shall be liable to pay a fine calculated on the following scale.
    Reference and reserved books
bath / item / hr. or
bath / item / day
    Other borrowed materials
bath / item / day
    No fine will be charged for the days when the Library is closed.    
  Lost material
        Fines will be calculated, according to the Rates of Fines from the date due to the date when the book is reported lost.
        The borrower is liable to pay the full cost of replacement including processing charges for the loss as well as for any serious damage of materials.
4. Interlibrary Loan Service
         The service acquires photocopies of articles not available at CRI Library from information resources within or outside the country. Only the users with Library cards are allowed to request items via this service. Charges for the service vary depending on the policy of the lending libraries.
5. Photocopying Service
         Photocopying of complete books or journals is not allowed. Users are responsible for complying with the Copyright Act.
        - Photocopying service is provided for staff and students of CRI and outside users. The charge per page depends on size of papers.
Size A4 0.50 baht / page
    B4 1.00 baht / page
Period of Loan
Type of materials Borrower Number of items Loan period (day)
Single issue
Staff & Student
3 3
Latest issue
3 3
1 3
Reference book
Staff & Student
1 1
Classified book
3 7
3 3
General publication
3 7
3 3
CRI publication    
Duplicate copy Staff & Student
One copy in the Library
Not on loan
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